Friends of NCMC

Friends of NCMC

Friends of North Canyon Medical Center is the internal philanthropy program at NCMC. Along with the NCMC Auxiliary Thrift Store, Friends of NCMC is the only other philanthropy program raising money on behalf of your community hospital.

Contact Us:
Phone: (208) 934-9884

At NCMC, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Our ability to keep up with the constant changes in healthcare depends partially on the generosity of donors. Your support to Friends of NCMC provides additional resources to keep up with the technological advances and innovative programs necessary to improving patient care.

Every gift is appreciated and vital to fulfilling the hospitals mission to “Improve the Healthcare of People in our Region”. As the new philanthropy program is developing, our staff is working on new events and programs to fulfill the expectations of our donors. The current range of gift giving options include the following:

  • Campus Development
    Although the hospital campus is relatively new, plans are being discussed for future growth. Since opening, we have reached maximum capacity and recognize the need for more space to bring additional services on campus. We are working on the financial resources needed to fund this growth and appreciate your contribution. Your donation will support this cause and any other projects designed to improve the hospital campus.
  • Capital Plan
    Each year the hospital develops a list of needed equipment for the following year. Equipment is changed out due to advances in technology or because the equipment has been well used and needs replaced. Annual equipment purchases vary throughout the hospital but can include items such as: IV pumps, patient beds, surgical instruments, patient gurneys, mammography machine, ultrasound machine, laboratory equipment, etc. Your donation will support the purchase of equipment listed on the annual Capital Needs List.
  • Community Wellness
    Chronic diseases, Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise in our area and are impacting the life expectancy of our residents. These conditions can often be managed, controlled or reversed with diet and exercise. The hospital is starting a variety of programs to educate adults on ways to improve their overall health. Your donation will support costs associated to these programs.
  • Men’s Health
    Oftentimes men do not openly discuss their health concerns or problems. This reluctance to talk or take action can dramatically impact the health of men in our lives. NCMC is developing a men’s health campaign to bring awareness to the issues, offer support, and provide screening programs for those in financial need. Your donation will support costs associated with these programs and health screening costs.
  • Women’s Health
    While women are living longer, healthier lives, there are still many lives lost to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. The hospital continues to develop programs to educate women on these issues and offer free screening to those with a financial need. Your donation will support costs & screenings associated with these programs including; free mammograms to women in need, educational material, and free women’s health screenings.
  • Youth Wellness
    Childhood obesity and lack of physical activity are growing concerns in our communities. NCMC is getting involved in a variety of initiatives to address these health concerns before they become life-long habits; including the dangers of smoking, nutritional education, and programs to increase physical activity. Your donation will support costs associated to these programs, and aid in the purchase of educational materials.