September 3, 2019

It is hard to believe that it has been just under a decade since I first stepped foot onto the North Canyon Medical Center campus.  During my tenure, we have experienced extraordinary growth, and I am incredibly proud of the work that has been accomplished.  As I look back, there is so much to be proud of, but the following successes have a special place in my heart as they changed the face of local healthcare.

  • Designation as a CMS 5-Star facility in 2018 and 2019. This defines the quality and customer service NCMC is noted for.
  • Our ability to transform an organization into a true clinical force and presence in the Magic Valley that provides exceptional alternatives for health care.
  • Our ability to scale and grow services without sacrificing quality of care.
  • Introduction of new services lines including,
    • Orthopedic Surgery with 2 full-time Orthopedic Surgeons
    • General Surgery with 1 full-time General Surgeon
  • Dissolution of the Hospital Taxing District, which was overwhelmingly supported by the voters of Gooding County and allowed the hospital to expand our services outside the county lines.
  • Opening of off-campus clinics.
    • Family Medicine in Buhl
    • Orthopedics in Twin Falls, Mountain Home & Buhl
    • General Surgery in Twin Falls & Buhl
  • Our relationship and affiliation with Mayo Clinic and the access to a level of care to those in our health network that is unheard of in this area.

As I prepare to leave, I know there is continued success on the horizon, and I hope each of you are as proud of your community hospital as I am.  What you have at North Canyon Medical Center is exceptional and truly something to be proud of.

I feel blessed to have spent these years at NCMC and will treasure the beautiful friendships I have formed.  It is always bittersweet to leave, but I do so with great pride in knowing I leave this organization better than it was when I arrived and in the hands of an incredibly talented Board of Directors, Medical Staff, and Leadership team.

Tim Powers, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tim Powers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


As you may recall in 2015 we began having discussions with The Mayo Clinic about becoming part of their Clinical Care Network. The thought was to provide access for our providers at NCMC to Mayo physicians and clinical resources. Though we were early on with this concept we were able to incorporate Mayo into our health benefit plan and recently rolled out the Mayo Complex Care Network which is a unique program developed for NCMC providers. This Network is designed to create a seamless referral and case management process for our providers and their patients requiring a higher level of care in the Mayo System. Recently I was informed that the 40th patient in our Mayo Clinic health network had been seen at the Rochester campus. This access to the highest level of care available was the primary goal in our developing our affiliation with the Mayo Clinic. The testimonials I personally have received from individuals both employed at North Canyon as well as part of our business health network have been extraordinarily positive. As our business network is expanded and many more lives have access to this level of care we truly can begin to imagine what this relationship potential can be. Some of the interesting things that come to mind would be to possibly recruit Mayo physicians to our hospital for rotations on rural family, develop a robust physician training and proctorship through the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (“ICOM”) and expand the experience of those Idaho trained physicians to include rotations at Mayo affiliated hospitals and clinics nationwide. The ability of NCMC to enter into these types of strategic clinical relationships has been predicated on specific elements; our reputation to deliver great clinical outcomes, create an atmosphere of quality and safety and to provide access. The opening of our Buhl and Twin Falls clinics as well as our Mt. Home ortho clinic all were opened to provide those three key elements. I am very proud of our ability to partner with such a wonderful institution as The Mayo Clinic and look forward to that relationship growing in order to provide more positive experiences to more people in the future.

Tim Powers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

NCMC Family,

Thank you for bearing with me the past couple of years while we constructed new facilities, changed our governance structure, added services, and began designing a leadership structure to meet the needs of a growing organization. These changes have challenged us all, but we now have a framework in place to best support the outstanding care that you all have continued to provide in the midst of these distractions. During the upcoming year, leadership is going to increase its focus on quality and patient satisfaction. Together, our goals will be to: 1) Deliver the best healthcare; 2) with the best outcomes; 3) at the most economical value to our patients.

We will have to work together and communicate honestly and frequently to improve in these areas. Group forums, departmental meetings, one-on-one conversations and informal gatherings will be planned and encouraged throughout the year. All members of the NCMC family are invited and encouraged to share ideas on ways we can fulfill our commitment to deliver excellent healthcare and provide a satisfying experience for patients.

Providing quality care in a caring environment is part of the brand we have established, and is the fabric of our organization. Protecting this legacy to our patients is the commitment we make to one another and must never waiver. I am so blessed to have spent almost nine years at North Canyon and to have been part of these exciting changes. I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you!

Tim Powers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As we begin the new year at North Canyon, I reflect back on the past 8 years and it truly amazes me the progress our hospital has made during this time. We have basically transformed our organization into one of the finest state-of-the-art Critical Access Hospitals in the entire country. This continued commitment means that we will bring the most up-to-date advances in medicine and medical technology along with highly trained care givers and patient centered physicians. Beginning with the opening of our new facility in 2010, to the 33,000 Medical Plaza expansion and fixed MRI additions in 2016, the recent Lab expansion on our campus and the anticipated opening of the Buhl Clinic in January 2019, our goal has always and will continue to be to serve our patients locally and regionally. It takes a forward thinking Board and committed leaders in our organization to deliver on such bold achievements. I could not be prouder of those that have shared and executed on the visions and dreams that have seen these advancements over the past 8 years. As we commemorate the 100 year anniversary of our hospitals existence, please join me in celebrating North Canyon Medical Center and its focus on improving the health and quality of life of the communities we serve. God Bless you all.

Tim Powers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the voters of Gooding County overwhelmingly voted to dissolve the Hospital Taxing District. Effective June 1st, the assets and liabilities will be transferred to North Canyon Medical Center, Inc. and our hospital will begin to operate as an independent 501(c)(3) entity.  This change allows the hospital the freedom to make prudent and strategic business decisions without constraints that operating as a District hospital contained. Also on June 1st, the Hospital District Board will be dissolved as there will be no tax proceeds for them to provide oversight of.  Since the inception of the Taxing District, the Hospital District Board has ensured that the tax proceeds were used for the purpose of community health programs, services to those in need, charity care and other income based programs.  To these diligent public servants, on behalf of the community, hospital employees, and NCMC Board of Directors, I say thank you for a job well done.  Your commitment to faithfully and fully carry out your responsibilities has been deeply appreciated.

2017 Hospital District Board Members
Phil Becker, District Board Chair
Patrick J.(PJ) Curtis, Secretary/Treasurer
Lori Bellamy, Trustee
Helen Edwards, Trustee
Suzanne Jensen, Trustee
Bob Muffley, Trustee
Lucy Osborne, Trustee

Tim Powers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Colleagues and Community members,

At the center of any organization are Mission and Vision.  As North Canyon became an independent 501(c)(3), we found it imperative to rethink our Mission and Vision and construct strategic philosophies more aligned toward our objective and future position within the communities we serve.  Our Mission of growing an organization, powered by excellence, that serves our communities compliments our future Vision of aspiring to be your first choice for healthcare through an expanded network of medical services of the highest quality.  The expansion of NCMC into Buhl is the hospital’s first initiative to bring quality healthcare outside our primary service area.  This initial outreach is the beginning of a strategy to expand North Canyon’s clinical reach to communities seeking alternative care solutions for their healthcare needs.

We have done a wonderful job of increasing our scope of services while maintaining a high level of quality clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.  Our hospital was recently designated by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) as a five-star facility (the highest quality designation awarded).  North Canyon was one of only five hospitals in Idaho receiving such designation, the only one in the Magic Valley, and one of 337 nationally.  Such notoriety continues to demonstrate that North Canyon separates itself from other clinical options and care systems in our region.  Expanding our scope of services and physical presence to other communities, without sacrificing quality, is the core element of our Vision strategy.

During fiscal 2017, the hospital completed its Medical Plaza expansion of 33,000 square feet while refinancing its high cost debt.  Doing so created a much more manageable debt structure and reduction in debt service. A state of the art fixed MRI and 3-D mammography platforms were added that resulted in increased utilization of each up 30% and 21% respectively year over year.  This adherence to investing in technological advances of diagnostic care is our commitment to North Canyon’s Mission.

Our affiliation and relationship with Mayo Clinic and the University of Utah continue to evolve into strategic alliances that will expand quality services to our hospital and offer wonderful clinical alternatives to patient populations with our health network.  Our plan is to aggressively market this health network within our primary service area as well as geographically to those areas we expand our physical presence and clinical influence in.

Our workforce continues to lead the way in making a difference in the lives of those families we serve by delivering the highest quality, compassionate care around.  From serving our patients locally and regionally, the employees of North Canyon Medical Center continue to do God’s work every day.

Tim Powers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The completion of Fiscal 2017 marked continued progress in the evolution of North Canyon Medical Center. Significant accomplishments and milestones were achieved during the year that we will use to propel us into 2018. The doors of the new 33,000 square foot Medical Plaza opened in January of this year and the addition to the campus has been nothing short of phenomenal. We are blessed to have all our services centrally located on our Gooding campus. Simultaneous with this, we opened a new fixed MRI center in our Diagnostic Imaging wing. The receptivity of having this service on campus has been profound. During the year, we also added 3D Mammography to our suite of imaging services. As the only facility in the Magic Valley to offer this state-of-the-art technology, we have seen a wonderful increase in patients wanting this advanced service which has translated to significant increases in patient encounters.

During 2017, the Partners in Healthcare, Inc. Board of Directors voted unanimously and agreed to fully divest the St. Luke’s Health System ownership in the 501(c)(3). This allowed the Gooding County Memorial Hospital District to assume 100% control of the assets of NCMC. Beginning in April 2017, discussions began with the Gooding County Memorial Hospital District Board to dissolve the taxing district and allow NCMC, Inc. to operate as an independent entity. To support this decision, NCMC recently filed a budget request with Gooding County and The Idaho State Tax Commission request that eliminates tax revenue in Fiscal 2018 from the hospital’s operating budget. As of October 1, 2017, the hospital no longer receives tax dollars from Gooding County residents. With this decision to no longer accept tax proceeds, the Hospital Board, functioning as the governance oversight of an independent 501(c)(3), has decided to build a new clinic in Buhl, Idaho. The clinic will allow NCMC to serve a broader community of patients with access to high-quality care and skilled medical professionals.

Dissolving the Hospital District will require the approval of the Gooding County Board of Commissioners and the support of Gooding County residents. There will be a petition circulated in early 2018 where eligible Gooding County voters will decide whether or not to dissolve the Hospital District in the May 2018 election. Negotiations with the County Commissioners are in the early stages, but if successful, dissolution of the Hospital District will allow the hospital to function as a stand-alone, non-profit organization, relieving the community of the additional tax burden.

These actions that have and will be taken are further indications our Board and Senior Leadership team are committed to following the initiatives in our Strategic Plan that closely parallel the Mission and Vision of our hospital.

Tim Powers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)