Message from the CEO

October 2017

Tim Powers

The completion of Fiscal 2017 marked continued progress in the evolution of North Canyon Medical Center. Significant accomplishments and milestones were achieved during the year that we will use to propel us into 2018. The doors of the new 33,000 square foot Medical Plaza opened in January of this year and the addition to the campus has been nothing short of phenomenal. We are blessed to have all our services centrally located on our Gooding campus. Simultaneous with this, we opened a new fixed MRI center in our Diagnostic Imaging wing. The receptivity of having this service on campus has been profound. During the year, we also added 3D Mammography to our suite of imaging services. As the only facility in the Magic Valley to offer this state-of-the-art technology, we have seen a wonderful increase in patients wanting this advanced service which has translated to significant increases in patient encounters.

During 2017, the Partners in Healthcare, Inc. Board of Directors voted unanimously and agreed to fully divest the St. Luke’s Health System ownership in the 501(c)(3). This allowed the Gooding County Memorial Hospital District to assume 100% control of the assets of NCMC. Beginning in April 2017, discussions began with the Gooding County Memorial Hospital District Board to dissolve the taxing district and allow NCMC, Inc. to operate as an independent entity. To support this decision, NCMC recently filed a budget request with Gooding County and The Idaho State Tax Commission request that eliminates tax revenue in Fiscal 2018 from the hospital’s operating budget. As of October 1, 2017, the hospital no longer receives tax dollars from Gooding County residents. With this decision to no longer accept tax proceeds, the Hospital Board, functioning as the governance oversight of an independent 501(c)(3), has decided to build a new clinic in Buhl, Idaho. The clinic will allow NCMC to serve a broader community of patients with access to high-quality care and skilled medical professionals.

Dissolving the Hospital District will require the approval of the Gooding County Board of Commissioners and the support of Gooding County residents. There will be a petition circulated in early 2018 where eligible Gooding County voters will decide whether or not to dissolve the Hospital District in the May 2018 election. Negotiations with the County Commissioners are in the early stages, but if successful, dissolution of the Hospital District will allow the hospital to function as a stand-alone, non-profit organization, relieving the community of the additional tax burden.

These actions that have and will be taken are further indications our Board and Senior Leadership team are committed to following the initiatives in our Strategic Plan that closely parallel the Mission and Vision of our hospital.

Tim Powers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)