August 2018

August 2018 will see the beginning of our outreach at North Canyon Medical Center when we open our temporary Family Medicine Clinic in Buhl. Adjacent to the construction site where our clinic is being constructed, this temporary facility will allow the community of Buhl and surrounding villages local access to care delivered compassionately by the providers of North Canyon. We anticipate opening the newly constructed clinic sometime in the fall at which time Dr. Dan Nofziger, a long time and beloved physician in Buhl, will come on board as part of North Canyon and provide care in our new clinic along with Dr. Greg Boettcher. The ability to expand outside our primary service area by dissolving the taxing district not only has allowed us this opportunity in Buhl but beginning in September Dr. Guy Grooms and Brad Mangum, FNP-BC,DC will be begin a North Canyon Orthopedic Clinic at St. Luke’s Elmore Hospital one day a week. These are truly amazing times at our hospital and the demand for the specialized care we provide will only continue to expand and grow. We should all feel particularly proud of the reputation NCMC has attained and look forward to carrying that reputation to more people in more areas.

Tim Powers, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tim Powers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)